Kampung Baru

Friday one week ago I went to Kampung Baru, which is one of the oldest quarters in KL, where people still living in wooden stilt houses, just behind the Petronas Twin Towers. The two main streets seem to be a very tourist place, where there are restaurants and bars just next to each other. Once, you leave these, you can still find the original old houses, which are about 120 years old. These are the real treasures from this area, but now threatened by new developments which come always closer.

Afterwards I went to the Indonesian embassy to pick up my 60 days visa, and I only needed as already described elsewhere:

  • Two Copies of your passport (front page, and Malaysian entry stamp)
  • Fill out the form, you get the link to it, after making the online appointment
  • Two passport photos
  • Financial report (last month was OK)
  • No return flight needed, as I told them my travel itinerary, and probably also as I don’t have a flight to Indonesia. Might be different if you just go to Bali.

When applying for the visa, it’s important to have a time slot where you should be there, and to have all your copies ready. There will be dozens of people infront of the embassy. All will tell you, there are no slots left for visa application today. Don’t give a fuck to them, just proceed to the entry gate and show them your passport. You’ll also need the QR code, which was sent to your email address, in order to get a queueing number. The woman an the counter told me, that her boss in the back office will decide for a 30 days or 60 days visa. But in both cases, this visa is extendable 4-5 times, with which you can stay up to 6 months in Indonesia in total. For me, I was lucky and got directly the 60 days visa, probably due to all my other visas in my passport or because of the country of my passport. I don’t know.

The mosque was well attended during the Fridays service.
Just a few hundred metres is a large Sihk temple
A wet market with chicken, fish, and much more…
Just behind are the old wooden houses
Well, interesting anti-theft concept 🤣
This is one of the oldest houses from a former mayor(?) of the area
The quarter is still dominated by the low level houses
Ashkan, my funny host from Iran, and me. We had a lot good talks and beer together.

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