City Tour Hat Yai

One week ago I met at noon with Meg, and she offered me also her couch for the next night. We decided to go first to a floating market. This one was quite small and mainly focused to food. But luckily Meg got a small flower plant at a stall nearby for her place (No necessity to water, just spray it from time to time…pretty easy maintenance😏). Compared to the one I visited near Bangkok, that one was missing a bit of flair and was even smaller. Afterwards we headed to an artisan market. As Meg is Art teacher she got some inspiration here and for me it was interesting just to stroll around and have a look at all the craft work. The most interesting again was, first you have to go through the security controls but the first stall was selling all kinds of knifes and machetes. Well, that makes definitely sense. On the way back we walked along a street, and as this was directly opposite to the university a lot of hipster like Cafés were located there. Afterwards we were heading to another night market, where you can buy different things. But I don’t need anything as my backpack is already full, so again I just could have a look at all the stuff. Finally we headed to a BBQ of her colleagues…yes I got it, they were all teachers 🙈 at international schools. As I was the only non-native English speaker, it was sometimes hard to follow all the different dialects and accents. But I think I was really polite, and could follow them mainly.

Ever looking for a cash cow…here we go 😉
The tiny floating market was pretty hot during the afternoon

One thought on “City Tour Hat Yai

  1. haha my colleagues by that stage of the evening too would’ve been pretty drunk so even for native English speakers they might’ve been tricky to understand haha. You were a lovely guest though and I hope you still enjoyed yourself.


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