Excursion to Ko Yao Noi

Friday two weeks ago I went to Ko Yao Noi, as several people recommended it as calm island with no tourists on it…well, maybe that was true a couple of years ago. Now the tourist infrastructure is more than well developed. I took the speed boat from Ko Jum, as this was the only direct connection between these two islands. Once I embarked it, I was surrounded by all the people coming from Ko Lanta and heading to Phuket, and finally back in the tourist bubble. Once I saw that, I was more than happy, that I haven’t been to Ko Lanta. There were songthaews waiting at the pier of Ko Yao Noi, and I thought oh nice. But they wanted to charge me a tourist price of 100 Baht for a 3 kilometres drive 🤨…seriously. In Krabi a songthaew costs 15 Baht whereas in Bangkok you’re not charged more than 7(!) Baht for a half an hour and 10 kilometres drive…and now you wanna charge me 100 Baht…what the fuck. No, I’m not going to pay that price. And I don’t give a fuck to your printed price list! So after calming down with a cold coke in a nearby restaurant, where I had some nice conversations with the locals…as they seemed to be pretty surprised that I was walking along here, I was hitching with two scooters to the east side of the island, where the majority of the accommodations are located. So luckily, I didn’t even need to pay for the songthaew, but as all the other tourists are doing so, “as it is still cheaper than in Europe” – that’s not an argument, it’s not surprising that the locals now have all new Toyata Hillux pick up trucks with double cabin and air conditioning. Hence, I already loved the island from the first moment.

As I was now on the island, I decided to make the best out of it. Therefore, Saturday two weeks ago I went to a beach in the afternoon. It was pretty lonely, only a handful tourists were there in the first 5 minutes. Afterwards I had the beach for my own. But the water quality was not pretty good and there were lots of rocks, if you want to get into the water.

Sunday morning two weeks ago I rented a kayak and paddled to Ko Nok in about 30 min. The island is beautiful, and sometimes you see even monitor lizards on it. I was just 5 minutes alone, after the next kayak arrived and after one hour the first boat with tourists came over. So I decided to leave, as now several of them will populate the island until late afternoon.

With 3x 250 HP…
…back into the tourist bubble
Lonely beach at Ko Yao Noi…
…and a tug boat infront of Than Bok Khorani National Park
First steps on Ko Nok at this day
Ko Yao Yai to the left, and Ko Yao Noi to the right
Small islands of Than Bok Khorani National Park
On top of the mountain of Ko Nok…the second kayak already arrived
Another lonely beach on the way back

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