Excursion to Ayutthaya

Thursday early morning one week ago I headed back south and took the earliest train in the morning. The short drive to the railway station with the songthaew was the real price and the driver didn’t try to scam me. As this train is just a “rapid” one I got a ticket without any problems. Nevertheless it stopped quit often, so in essence it took almost 13 hours to get south to Ayutthaya. The landscape was the same, as just on the way up, so nothing new here. But the drive was pretty dusty, as the whole time all windows are open and due to the dry season, all the dust, small leafs and ashes from burning the dry grass gets inside. No, there is for sure no air conditioning, other than some fan’s on the roof and open window in the 3rd class. In Ayutthaya I took a short ferry across the Pa Sak river, as all the hostels were on the other side of the river.

A large golden Buddha on top of a hill
In Lopburi there are living lots of wild monkeys in the Wats of the town, if they got hungry they even can bite you
Sunset from the train
My train ticket

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