Back to Chiang Mai

Two weeks ago after I got a small breakfast, which was not served before half past seven, I drove back to Chiang Mai, but now taking the larger road via Khun Klang. This one was more busy and the way is longer, but it’s supposed to be faster. As I had only paid for 48 hours, I need to be in Chiang Mai at noon. Hence, I had only 4 hours left to get there. In Khun Klang I shortly stopped at the Siribhume waterfall. But unfortunately this was nothing special, as it looked more spectacular from the distance. Also the large road done was not as scenic as the other road up to Khun Wang. In Chiang Mai I first drove up to Wat Pha Lat, which is supposed to have a nice lookout, but the temple itself seemed to be closed for renovation, and I was also short on time. So I drove back to the rental shop and walked afterwards to Wat Suan Dok which was just nearby. But as there was also an entrance fee, I just had a look from the outside.

The narrow ridge in between the two peaks of Pha Ngaem as well as the steep southern ridge are clearly visible from the street down in the village
Clear view in the mountains and some kind of fog down in the plains
Siribhume waterfall in the tourist village of Khun Klang is from the distance more impressive…
…than directly infront of it
View to Chiang Mai with the airport to the left…luckily my hostel was on the other side of the city
Wat Pha Lat
Wat Suan Dok with the large hall and the large golden Buddha inside

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