Excursion Khun Wang

Monday I rented a scooter for 48 hours and went out of Chiang Mai after I crashed in accidentally to the flower festival, and was not heading to this electric music festival outside the city. Furthermore, except all the temples, there’s not really much to see inside the city. Hence, after I got my small semi-automatic scooter (again from Honda) I went south along a large canal. After a few traffic lights I already left the city and the traffic was gone. After about one hour, yeah the maximum speed is maybe 60 km/h just for safety reasons I turned into the Wae Mang valley. It’s a very scenic route, but in the beginning there’re a lot of tourist attractions like multiple elephant sanctuaries, zip-lining and kayaking. Hence, all the tourists who book an expensive (if you would ask them, they tell you cheap) got carted up in the songthaew to their tourist attraction and got back in the evening. After a few kilometres the traffic was almost completely gone and I just enjoyed my drive uphill. I arrived at the Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang) in late afternoon and booked a serviced tent, which included mattress and sleeping bag for me. The Café and the accommodations are served by young students from a university, which made some kind of internship here. I was served by a very friendly and young student. And even her English was limited, but she told me that her friend is studying in Germany and already visited the Zugspitze. Afterwards, I went to the local market next to it and bought my first fresh strawberries this year from the local Hmong women. I walked a bit in the vicinity and uphill along a small road at the base of Pha Ngaem, as I wanted to see the starting of the hiking path. By chance I was just walking across all the strawberry fields which where located at the hillside. After about 1 hour I returned to the research centre and walked through their flower garden. A lot of local (at least I guess, as it seems to be a hidden gem for all western tourists) where here and did plenty of photos. In the evening I just drove down the two kilometres to the village centre to get some water and my dinner.

The small curvy road…
…is winding up across lovely landscape
Doi Inthanon with the military communication tower on top and the eastern rocky face of Pha Ngaem just north of it
View from the strawberry fields down the mountain
Flower garden at the research centre

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