Khlong Lat Mayom Floating market

Saturday my host Yim and me went to the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market. Unfortunately, she was living about 35 kilometres away from downtown, but still in Bangkok. But due to the bad public transport – there is only one airport link, two BTS lines, two MRT lines, a few express boats and for sure lots of buses and songthaews, but they are also highly affected by the always present traffic jam – it takes 2-3 hours to get from her place just to the city centre. And from there on additional 90 minutes to the floating market. Hence, everything is in Bangkok, it’s a daily excursion. The market is only open at the weekend and is very popular for tourists, but also visited by locals. You can buy different types of food which are all very yummy. So better go to various vendors to have different tastings. We took also a short boat trip across the small canals around for about 50 minutes to a orchids plantation. The main area of the actual market is actually on solid floor and there are only maybe a dozen boats which are actually selling something, but it’s mainly fruits only. Beside the location and the few boats there is nothing special compared to other markets in Bangkok. On the way back we didn’t took a taxi back to Bang Wa BTS station but rather a songthaew to the Chao Phraya river near the Thonburi railway station. We wanted to have a drink at a nearby bar, but unfortunately all tables were occupied. So we took the express boat down for two stations to Wat Arun. As it was already late I didn’t want to go inside, especially as I didn’t expected to see something more than from outside…and closing was just a short time later. So we crossed the river again to the other side in order to enjoy the sunset at another bar, but also this was full. So we got a piece of cake at a nice bakery nearby. After that we went to the tourist district for lunch and walking a bit around. But there was nothing special, so we just headed back to her place. In general Bangkok is a very modern city with plenty of shopping malls where you can buy all brands of clothing you desire. But if you’re looking for some special outdoor equipment, you’ve almost no chance to get anything appropriate here.

Airlink Express to finally get to the city centre
Once you’re at this canal, a very fast cross city connection is possible
Seems like the racecourse in the city, seen from the BTS
Was surprised to see, that they not only have E20 but also E85 here…and the cars are still driving, whereas in Germany they complain about E10
That’s the actual Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market…
…but the main area is on solid floor
Had this Chrysanthemum juice the day before, extremely sweet even with ice
Unfortunately I only got the head of the monitor lizard on the photo…there’re plenty around here, and Yim told me that even once, there was one in her house
Starting our boat tour
Passing by a workshop for the boat engines
Yim enjoys feeding the fish, and the fish seem to be used to get their food here
Lots of orchids…
…in various colours and shapes
Victory Monument with BTS
With the express boat on the Chao Phraya river
Wat Arun…
…during sunset
If you want to spent money, you can do it easily here, together with all the other foreigners…nothing special at all.

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