Bouldering Bangkok

Sunday I went to the largest boulder gym in Thailand. In order to get there I first took the shared minivan to the minburi market. Here I was the only foreigner and I took my lunch, as all locals here. Some very yummy Pad Thai. After this short stop I got a songthaew to the airport link, but as this one was affected again by traffic jam it took me almost two hours to get there. Then with the airport link and the BTS skytrain to Udom Sok station, followed by a short bus drive. After this epic journey of 4 hours, I finally arrived at the climbing and boulder gym. Again, beside a very large boulder area, they also have many toprope routes and a few lead climbing. But I did only bouldering today, and due to the large selection, I had plenty of choices and in the end was very happy to ended up there. And as always the locals were super friendly and helpful, and you easily can connect to them. On the way back it was only hard to find a bus, in the end I ended up in a songthaew to Bang Na BTS station, and once I was there it was again easy…but long. But I met Yim in the city centre at Terminal 21 shopping mall, and from there we continued getting back together.

Boulder gym

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