Bouldering Phnom Penh

Monday one week ago I went to the Phnomclimb boulder gym. After three weeks of not doing any rock climbing it was a good workout. The gym is a bit out of downtown, hence I took again one of these city buses, which all have air conditioning and free WiFi. Also the very prominent bag snatching from Tuk Tuk’s is also prevented. Additionally, not so many people seem to use them, even if for some locals these buses are even for free. Hence, there are plenty of seats available. On my way to the bus station, just two blocks away, I passed several workshops they seem to overhaul heavy duty diesel engines…for the next 1 Mio. kilometres.

The boulder / climbing gym is pretty small and consists mainly of a top-rope area, and just a few but then hard lead routes, and a boulder area. That one only has two walls. For my one shot visit it was perfect, as I climbed everything I could climb šŸ˜‰. The route setting was fine, nevertheless, after a while always same-same, and not a real variety. But it still was fun, to get the moves. The entrance fee was for Cambodia with 9 US$ pretty high. That’s maybe the reason why mainly expats are hanging out there, while locals are mainly “staff” and doing bouldering probably each day.

Phnomclimb boulder gym
Engines getting an overhaul in the workshops
Block, valves, camshaft…I like these good old mechanics, which just is going to work
Pretty surprised to see that institution here, no idea what they are “doing”, but as recommendation…just check the border controls to Laos and Vietnam
Independence Monument…nothing to see here
Modern bus…way cheaper, and more comfortable than any Tuk Tuk ride
Wat Phnom during night, but I didn’t went in

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