Hmong Village Phakeo Day 2

Today in the morning after a chilly night we enjoyed the sunrise in Phakeo. We got some local breakfast, but actually I wasn’t hungry, as I woke up with some stomach ache, the same for Jojo, but I needed some energy for our walk back. Then we started our hike on some small paths. It was a steadily up and down…probably more down than up. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it much more than the walk the day before. We also need to cross several creeks, some were easy, but at one we needed to wate through without our shoes, in order to stay dry. The cold water was a good refreshment, as we sweat a lot. Once the sun was out, it got immediately very warm today. After about 3 hours hiking and crossing numerous creeks we finally arrived at a waterfall. This small one was not very impressive at all, but has had a decent deep pool for some swimming. Unfortunately after this refreshment we needed to walk up again for one hour to get back to the main street. And again this was at a newly built road. So not very lovely. In the Hmong village at the street we saw some traditional houses with spirital paper and braided grass threads both from the Shaman in order to keep away the bad spirits. Only a few shells from the cluster bombs remained in the village and are still used for different purposes today. After waiting just a few minutes we grabbed a songthaew back to Phonsavan, luckily we could seat inside and not on the dusty back.

This year I might not get much Christmas gifts, but it’s fine because quality is more important than quantity. I received the best gift of the year already 8 months…my journey. I’m very grateful to the person who made this possible to me, even if I might have been sometimes a creep. Without that person I wouldn’t be here today. Merry Christmas.

Sunrise in Phakeo
The landscape is characterised by lots of green mountains
Hiking through the jungle
Crossing rivers on rotted branches
Abandoned rice paddies
This creek we needed to ford
In the background the location of the waterfall is finally visible
Cattle on the harvested rice paddies
Small waterfall but large pool for a refreshment swim
The shells of the cluster bombs are used as stilts by the local people
Cacti and blooming Christmas flowers
On the way back in the songthaew
Thanks to Jojo we finally have now also a short movie (© Jojo)
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