Excursion Ban Lung

Yesterday I took a minivan from Sen Monorom to Ban Lung. In the beginning we had half an hour delay as a Spanish girl missed her passport in her hostel 🤨. And after lots of discussion and phone calls we took it from her hostel. I didn’t felt good that morning as I had a strong stomach ache since the evening before. After we returned from the Bunong village I was just laying in the bed, and took some medicine. In the night I had even high temperature and I was a bit afraid of getting something like Malaria or what else. But in the second half of the night I could sleep a bit and in the morning the high temperature was gone. It was the first time since about 4 months, since I entered China, that I got such troubles. I didn’t even ate something since lunch the day before. My first small snack was on a stop with the bus in the morning. Shortly before noon we arrived in Ban Lung and I went to my hostel, and relaxed in the afternoon again.

In the beginning we drove through lots of forest
Then it changed to grass and…
…eventually plants, with very few traffic on the road.

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