Lao Cai – Hanoi

Monday one week ago we went to Sapa and as there were several outdoor sport shops I looked for some new shoes. My old ones got really fucked up the day before, as both had now 15 cm long holes. Not just good for ventilation but also to get some mood and stones into it. As it was raining the whole afternoon it was a good opportunity anyway. It turned out that I hadn’t so much choice due to my required size. I finally managed to get some and Jojo also decided to buy a new pair as they were pretty cheap…and made in Vietnam. I can’t prove, but as there were only two brands available and all are made in Vietnam, I guess this outdoor equipment is just made in the same factories as the original ones. If they last for at least 4 weeks, it was definitely worth to buy them.

In the evening we wanted to take the bus back to Lao Cai, but after waiting a long time we took a shared minivan. At the moment there were only two night trains in each going to Hanoi. Hence, we took one of them. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy the landscape, but only our compartment. The beds were quit small for me. Hence, the night was night really pleasant, but the old train was quit charming. After arriving in the early morning in Hanoi, the city just began to woke up, Jojo and me had a small breakfast together. Afterwards we needed to say goodbye. The extended weekend was finally over for her. She took the bus to the airport and flew back to Hong Kong, as she finally needed to work in the afternoon, and I successfully finished the first 6 months of my travel.

No it’s not a steam locomotive, just some soot from the diesel engine
Our train is ready for departure
Easy access to the train in the railway station
Jojo can await the departure
Our small 4 bed compartment
Finally arrived in Hanoi after travelling the last 6 months along the tracks
My train ticket

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