Star Ferry Hong Kong

Wednesday evening one week ago I wanted to go for the popular nightly horse race in Happy Valley, but as I was a bit longer bouldering, it turned out that I’m already too late to go for that event. But before I went to bouldering I got some Hong Kong fastfood at Joy Hing roasted meat. That’s probably the cheapest Michelin rated meal you can get in Hong Kong. But actually I have to say, I got at some other fastfood restaurants better roasted meat. Roasted meat is quit popular in Hong Kong.

So as I was late we headed to the Star Ferry at the Kowloon side. Nowadays it’s not really necessary to take the ferry due to the MTR, but it’s pretty cheap and a nice experience to sail across the Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong Island at night. Afterwards we took a short walk through Soho before we got a German wheat beer in Lan Kwai Fong. But not in the bars with all the black bouncers. It was just interesting to notice these kind of accumulation in LKF.

Hong Kong Island…
…seen from the Kowloon ferry pier
Ferry sails through the harbour
Hong Kong exhibition centre looks like a large turtle
In Soho we take the escalator uphill
An old British administrative building
And downhill by foot

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