High Speed Ferry to Macau

Thursday afternoon one week ago I went to the ferry terminal and went to Macau by the high speed ferry within one hour. The was smooth and nothing special at all. The ferry is closed, hence you’re not allowed to go outside. In essence you’re just sitting at your place for one hour. After a walk through the downtown of Macau I met my host Yen Yen. She is a really amazing person as she travelled for about 2.5 years all around the world. So we had something to exchange and she told me for example some scared stories from her visit from Russia. But also some other nice ones from central and south America.

Inside the ferry
Leaving from Hong Kong Island
The bridge of the new road from Macau to Hong Kong
This offshore wind park is between Macau and Hong Kong so essentially part of mainland China
I have no idea why there is a Boeing sign on the side of the ship
One of the largest casinos on Macau peninsula
An old building on the way through the city
This is one of the largest streets in Macau peninsula, but in the evening the traffic calmed already down
Old Portuguese Quarter in Macau

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