Shanghai – Huangshan

Saturday evening one week ago I took my next night train from the old railway station in Shanghai. Hence, the Sunday morning I arrived in Huangshan. As I had plenty of time I bought my next train tickets, beside one for a 10 minutes train drive, I was able to purchase all. I headed to a hostel, as in this town I wasn’t able to found any CS’er. At the hostel there was already a letter for me. This contained the ticket of my cross border train I purchased with the help of Axel two days ago online, as it was impossible to buy this cross border train ticket at any railway station in mainland China. Axel did the payment with the help of Alipay for me, and I just gave him the money in cash. That train ticket itself is not really expensive, but the additional service charges and express shipment made it not a cheap one. But as I had already the bad experiences with my last border crossing from Russia, I opted for this one, just to make sure, that I can get out of mainland China within the time of my Visa.

Infront of each bridge there is this yellow-black frame…I guess it’s the cheapest way to protect the bridges
My train ticket

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