Bouldering in Shanghai

Two weeks ago the typhoon finally arrived at Shanghai and in the morning it heavily rained. Axel told me that he never experienced such a hard rain since he is staying in Shanghai. Well OK, that was a bit surprising for me. After waiting a few hours I decided to pack my small backpack and head to the boulder gym. Unfortunately I need about 15 minutes to the subway station, but with my rain jacket at least the body kept dry. As the streets were flooded and water flew out of the sewage water drain and pressed the cover of it to the street, my shoes got wet anyhow. As the rain won’t kill you, yes some locals don’t get it, there were not much people in the subway and also not in the boulder gym. It was not big, but as there were less than 10 people one could easily choose the route you want. They have a clear colour scheme, so that the routes are easily distinguishable. After some testing I found my colours and spent almost 3 hours there before I headed back my hosts place.

Alex told me already that there were lots of people coming in the evening, as he thought they were mainly travelling alone he accepted them, but in the 2nd they were travelling in groups. So there was a couple from Mexico/Columbia (I already knew, as they already arrived at noon), another one from Slovakia and 4 people from Poland (3 guys and one girl). Including me already 9 CS’ers. And Axel’s girlfriend returned from a business trip in the evening. He thought she will come one day later, but as it was Chinese valentines day, she expected to stay with him…and was a bit surprised about the amount of people in their flat 😄. Nevertheless, they decided to went to a hotel that night. After we went all to sleep in knocked at the door in the night, and I was a bit scared. But another traveller was infront of the door and asked “Couchsurfing” and even knew my name. So I was a bit surprised, that some foreigner in East China knew my name in the middle of the night. So I said, yes sure come in. And as our host was not at home it was my pleasure to introduce that guest. In the end we were 10 surfers in a two room flat. A bit packed but everything all right. Up until now I never had the situation, that the host sleeps outside and the surfers stay at their place. Nevertheless, it was a very nice experience.

Heavy rain and flooded streets
Approaching the boulder gym through small streets…
…and after a gate, I eventually arrived at the entrance

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