Adventures in Chita

Two weeks ago my host Ruslan met me at the railway station. Enrique another CS also just arrived in Chita and we both stayed with Ruslan. After having some rest, we were meeting two friends of him, Lena and Olya. We went for some traditional Russian lunch and afterwards we made an excursion outside the city. As it was heavily raining the days before the unpaved road was still flooded in between. But with the 4WD it was manageable to get to “Urochishche Dvortsy”. The rocks are easily reachable and even some rock climbing (I’ve seen at least one route with bolds and some pitons) and bouldering is possible there. When we returned to the car Lena detected that her front number plate was missing. We thought it was gone, when we drove through one of the deep and large puddles. So Ruslan and Olya tried to find it, while we drove back, by walking through it. It was lots of fun, but in the end the puddles were just too large, so we didn’t succeed.

After heading back to town, we changed the cars and Olya her clothes. So we had one again with two number plates. Now we were heading to the local airfield as Olya knew some of the pilots there. Enrique and Ruslan took a short flight in one of the UL’s. But I was for several reasons not interested in doing so. In the evening we went to a restaurant for some Georgian food, which was very tasty. Afterwards Olya took us to the local hill, where we needed to by pass and old cemetery, but eventually we had a view onto the city at night. When driving back, we stopped at the city centre and had a walk around Lenin square before the day full of adventures finally end. I experienced much more in Chita as ever expected before.

The cathedral directly opposite to the railway station
The rocks at Urochishche “Dvortsy”
Nice valley
Ruslan my host
Lena, Enrique, Olya and me
Another rock formation. Sometimes the rocks are cracking and not suitable for climbing
One of the large puddles we drove through
Ruslan and Olya are searching, while Lena is driving slowly behind and give some commands 😏
At the airfield are old Russian airplanes like Yak52 and An2.
Enrique and Ruslan had a flight with this UL plane. Somehow it is illegal they told me, but I didn’t got exactly what…at least it has no registration I discovered
Lenin square at night…in the vicinity the bad guys are just standing with their large cars and listening music. Nevertheless, I didn’t felt uncomfortable.
Chita at night…yes could be in theory also another city 😄

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