Ivolginsk Datsan

Saturday a week ago we made an excursion to the Ivolginsk Datsan. It’s the only Datsan which was allowed to be constructed during the Stalin era. In this particular case in honor of the locals who participated in WWII. It was the second in whole Soviet Union, which was allowed to be in operation during that time. Nowadays it is well known for the mummified 12th Khambo Lama which was exhumed in 2002. The Buddhist belive that he is not yet dead, but just in a very deep sleep. He can be visited in one of the Datsan’s.

After arrival we had our clockswise walk around and prayed at each praying mill. Afterwards we just strolled around and got this tickets for visiting the Lama, but we had to wait after lunch break. So we took the time to get something to eat and then just sat down in the shadow and watching nervous people also waiting. After queueing for a while, we were eventually allowed to get into the Datsan. Contrary to the other mummified man in Moscow, this one was mummified on a natural basis, and it is more relaxed to visit him. You are even allowed to stand and watch at him…you may even talk to him.

After this experience, we drove back to UU and finished the afternoon with a cup of coffee at a terrace over the city and enjoying the view there.

Waiting under blue-white sky
The main attraction is the Datsan of the Lama in the back
That’s the first Datsan dating back to 1946
Driving back to UU
Above the roofs of UU

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