Bouldering in Ulan-Ude

Two weeks ago, after planning my further trip the days before, I went to a local boulder gym in the afternoon. One week earlier, when I stayed with Alex, his friend Anna told me, that there is a climbing gym in Ulan-Ude. I was a little bit surprised about that, as I didn’t expected it. So I asked at the hostel, if they could help me to sort out the address. It was already a bit suspicious, as bouldering was only possible in certain time slots, because they said there were school classes in the gym before. Well and when I entered the gym, I discovered also why. It was really pretty small, the walls were full of holds in different colours, but that doesn’t meant that each colour is also one route. Beside that, the holds were not marked differently as like in the boulder gym in Saint Petersburg and were always pretty large, as made for kids. So I’ve to say that this bouldering experience was pretty bad, even as you’ve had to pay on an hourly base. So I definitely can’t recommend this one. But from the explanation I had from Anna, there has to be at least another climbing gym in Ulan-Ude, but I hadn’t time to find it out.

Entrance to the small boulder gym

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