Excursion: Ust-Bargusin – Ulan-Ude

Two weeks ago I went back to Ulan-Ude. As I was not in a hurry I wanted to take the bus in the afternoon, and not that one at 7am. But my hostel was not able to do some reservation for me. By chance there was another Russian family, which just stayed for one night and drove back to UU that day. They agreed to take me with their car. Hence a was a little bit on pressure to pack my backpack fastly after breakfast. They were originally from Moscow and now also on holidays at lake baikal. I guess they were heading back to Irkutsk that day, because the small car was rented there. The drive in the small car on the backseat was horrible for me. After not even one hour my knees started to hurt and it was a pleasure for me having a break after 2 hours…but still the same amount of time was infront of me. Nevertheless, I was more than happy, when we reached after about 4.5 hours UU. Once again it turned out, why I’m not into hitchhiking 😉

Having a stop at the turtle rock
Bye, Bye lake Baikal…it was a very pleasant time staying here

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