Great Baikal Trail: Bolshoye Goloustnoye – Bolshiye Koty, Day 2

Thursday a week ago we continued our tour after pitching down the tent and having some breakfast in the morning sun. We even have seen some seals which are called “Nerpa”. Unfortunately only the head, when they got out of the water. These are the only fresh water seals in the world. After about 3km we arrived at the ranger station but nobody was there, except the cows, so we just continued our hike along the shore. After several ups and downs we crossed a cliff where some gulls were living. A couple of kilometers before Koty there was the last longer uphill hike, but from there you have a beautiful view to the shore and even can see Koty in the background. The first civilisation after two days. We didn’t have seen bears during our hike, but Julia told me that there are some living in the forest and that she had seen footprints of them the week ago when she already visited Koty.

In Koty we went to the local small shop to check the offers and then went to the small but very cute “Lesnaya 7” hostel. The owner is a very pleasant guy. In the evening we grabbed some local smoked fish and a beer, before we went again uphill to a lookout. Finally we enjoyed the moon rise at the beach. This section of the Great Baikal Trail is for sure the most impressive and most beautiful one. We both enjoyed hiking it and I can definitely recommend it for everybody else.

Our campground with the tent from Julia
A butterfly came by in the morning
Approaching the ranger station
The ordinary transport with the fresh milk, as some cows are living also there
The Café is closed at this day during the week
Just passed this snake at the track
Our further way, with almost no shadow in the morning but lovely landscape
Just approaching the next beach
Some flowers beside the track
Approaching one of the cliffs
Look back to the track
Crossing the cliff while the gulls are flying around us.
A wall made from conglomerate similar to the German Nagelfluh
Nice lookout after a short uphill hike
Twisted tree who withstand the weather for a long time
Just amazing view to Koty along the shore with turquoise water of lake Baikal
We’re both just happy about such a great trail
Our hostel…and we really got the room of Lesnaya 7 😊
My birthday dinner…unfortunately this year I didn’t got my usual strawberry cake
Lovely Koty during sunset
Moon rise over lake Baikal
GPS track

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