Excursion to Akademgorodok

Sunday a week ago I went for an excursion to Akademgorodok. Julia pointed me on the map all the important attractions, so I just needed to find a way between them. But first I needed to get there by Elektrichka. The area is very spacious so it took some time to get from one point of the map to the next one. Akademgorodok is a small academic town, built directly in the suburban woods of Novosibirsk. It is the scientific centre of Siberia. As already the last days also this Sunday was a very hot siberian summer day with temperatures far above 30°C.

When leaving one of the main roads, you were directly in the forest and attacked by mosquitos. So I tried to get out of the forrest fast. The people and the flair at this campus are pretty different than in the rest of the city. Mainly young people, students and young families with small kids are on the streets or sitting in one of the nearby popular restaurants or bars. After strolling around the whole afternoon, I finally went to the nearby beach of the Ob reservoir to have an evening beer before I got with the last Elektrichka back to the city.

One of the appartement blocks at the “other side” of the street before entering Akademgorodok
“The geese” the new headquarter of the technopark
The DNA mouse 😄
One of the popular streets in Akademgorodok during Sunday afternoon
And another wide one…with much of green beside…
…and single family houses along it. I guess these were only for the more important persons available.
The lake in the botanical garden
The entrance to the bonsai botanic garden is unfortunately already closed…
…and the bonsai trees are hence only visible from far.
No idea if these district heating pipes are still in use.
That’s the beach with very few people…
…and my cold German Weißbier 😎…which I just bought at a local supermarket before.

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