Rock Climbing in Oskemen

Thursday afternoon a week ago I met Daniil again and went with Katja and a friend of them to a rock climbing spot in Oskemen. Here Daniil decided to start with a hard 7a, but he didn’t make it to the top during the first attempt. So we made an easier route in between, before he continued with that route up to the top. I also tried, but only in top rope, because I never tried such a hard route, not even in the climbing gym. And I also didn’t managed it. The overhanging step was just too much for me. In the end we climbed at routes 1 and 3 in the small sector.

After the climbing we went to the main train station, because I still needed a ticket for me. I tried it already alone at another train station in the afternoon before the rock climbing, but unfortunately the women there didn’t want to sell me one. And as I didn’t understood why, I could also not argue with her. I already messaged Lena for help, and she told me she called a service line, and they told it should be not a problem to get a train ticket for foreigners at this route. So eventually with the help of Daniil I got my train ticket at the other train station and I thought now everything is fine…at least I thought.

After getting the train ticket we headed back to the city and had dinner together, before we said good bye.

Daniil on top of the route
Me shortly before the large overhanging section…
…while Daniil having fun with my glasses šŸ˜…

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