Evening in Novosibirsk

Saturday late afternoon a week ago Julia took me for a walk through the city, after she finished her cello lessons. First we moved to the Metro station and got off at the 3rd station. Novosibirsk is the third largest city, even if it was founded just 125 years ago, just because of the railway bridge over the river Ob. In contrast to other large cities there are lots of beggars in the streets of downtown.

We got out of the Metro directly at the riverbank. Here we could enjoy the sunset, before we walked a little bit along the river and then went to Krasny prospect, which is the main street of the city…and also all main attractions are just along this street. After a small detour into a park, where a guy played Russian rock songs on the park – I didn’t understood any word, but nevertheless I liked the music – we went to the cinema, which was nicely illuminated. Julia shortly wanted to go into a Karaoke bar, but then she withdraw this idea, because she said it can become late…or early…or even worse πŸ˜…. So we passed some bars and nightclubs, and as it was Saturday night, the guys were driving their phallus symbols loud and fast, and the girls wore short skirts, where you thought, wow what a wide belt. So I guess they matched pretty well. Ah…and in Sibira there is the same prejudice about blond haired women than in Germany, they told me, but for sure I had no opportunity to verify this. The time passed by quickly, as Julia speaks fluently German it was the first time that I had such a long and deep conversation in German since now already two months. After having a drink it was already late, because we spoke just too much, and also we went home.

If you look carefully, you even found wooden houses beside the concrete ones in Novosibirsk…
…and a wooden church, with some homeless people in front.
This soviet building which was dedicated to the union consumer society…is now occupied by KFC…pure irony
The opera and left behind the newly build Marriott hotel
This chapel was the centre of the former Russian Empire
I don’t know if the side walk is in black-red-gold infront of the German consulate-General 😏
Four of the Five bridges over the river Ob which is here already 1 km wide, without the inflow of the Irtysh river
In each city are ferries wheel and small amusement parks for the children
Julia, my host, and me
The cathedral…the name of it is not very inventive…Alexander Nevsky
Walking along Krasny Prospect
The cinema…I thought it’s a very nice perspective from here…☺️
…but I was not alone πŸ˜…
As you can clearly see, they still deal with the old German currency here in the capital of Siberia 😏

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