Hiking along the Ulba river

Wednesday a week ago we went for a hiking trip along the Ulba river. At 8 o’clock in the morning Alina, Vika, Lena and me were meeting in front of the ice hockey stadium. Lena already bought the bus tickets the day before. After waiting several minutes the minibus approached (it was of the same type as during the weekend) and we got into it. After two more stops the minibus carried 11 adults and 1 child at 10 seats, almost the same situation as during the weekend. The bus drives up until Altai Alps but we got out shortly after the village Gornaja Ulbinka. We need to take the bridge in order to get to the other side of the river and as the door is closed, we just went underneath the fence. The bridge is part of a private summer camp, which we need to cross. The first houses are no longer in use and already substantially damaged, whereas the rear part is still in operation. After leaving the camp and closing the door, we passed the last house left from us and then the real path begins.

The small path through undergrowth and bushes winds sometimes up in order to overcome the rock cliffs, but from here you’ll have a nice view along the valley. Thounds if not ten thousends of butterflies came to meet us. I could not remember to see such a huge amount of them at all. On a meadow in between there was also a herd of (semi-)wild horses with one stallion which can become very aggressive, if you come to close to one of the mares. After a rock climbing possibility, where a teenager group pitched up their tents, we arrived after about three hours the final camp and picknick site. Here we got our lunch and then went up to the crows peak. From here you have a wonderful view to the river, the surrounding mountains and the cross-birds which were soaring nearby. After another small snack we returned in the same way.

Once we were on the street hitchhiking was not really an option, just because there were too few cars in the week taking this road. And no taxi wanted to drive so far outside the city. Nevertheless, after a few minutes a car passed by and Alina got a phone call, and then the car returned. In the end it was a friend of here who drove with a colleague back to the city. We managed somehow to get all four on the backseat…including our backpacks. But I guess this is just normal here 😄.

As it turned out that Lena was just living in the house next to my host, she spontaneously invited me to have dinner with her. After we enjoyed some beer together Anya picked us up at 23 o’clock. She drove us to the “Mount Kazakhstan”, which is the version of Hollywood in Oskemen. With her 4WD there was no problem to drive the whole way up and enjoy the nightly view over the city. As bad weather was approaching the wind was a little bit stronger at that slightly more exposed peak. This was the final end of a very beautiful day.

The suspension bridge we need to cross at the begin and end of the tour
Vika and Alina crossing some water in the undergrowth
Typical birch trees
Still in use bird nest. From the flower blossoms you can made jam.
Beautiful lookout along the way. At the lower left side you can already see the destination
Butterflies all over in the air
And down again at the Ulba river
Wild horses on the meadow
View back
Lena, Alina and Vika climbing the mountain
Some people claim that the peak at the other side of the river is named Crows peak
That’s the view we enjoyed while sitting on top of the mountain
Girls playing with butterflies 😉…this time Vika (left) and Alina (right)
A shrew mouse
A remaining from the former soviet summer camp…
…and this cow guards the entrance to a damaged hostel. The roof broke down and thus also the first floor as you can see in the background. That scene was a little bit creepy 😅
GPS track

One thought on “Hiking along the Ulba river

  1. Muss ich mir Gedanken machen? Daswar Dein letzter Raport!


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