Yekaterinburg – Chelyabinsk

Today I went first to the city. Due to the help of my host Nina I was able to put my backpack at the office of one of her friends Irina directly opposite to the Grinvich shopping mall. I wanted to meet with Olya again, but somehow she slept for 11 hours and missed my message. Therefore, I met Nikita by chance, or maybe even vice versa 😆, while I was waiting for Irina near Grinvich with a cup of coffee. He just stopped by and we had a very nice but short conversation, because he needed also wo go further on. His mother is teacher for English and German, so he was even able to speak some words in the later one. He suggested to me to visit the Buddhism temple at Mount Kachkanar but unfortunately I already booked my next train, and this would be even in the wrong direction. Also Nina told about this place and also, that there is a large company which want that the monks are leaving this place…because of minerals as you might have already guessed…

After depositing my large backpack I just strolled through the city in the direction to the Yelzin museum, until I got the message from Olya that she will be in the Metro station in a short time. So I went back to meet her and we were walking together to that new museum. After getting the tickets, we were enforced to drop off all our luggage. I took also an English audioguide, but this one was useless, as it gave only basic information which were on display anyhow. And the rest was only in Russian. Nevertheless, I had Olya with me and thus, she just explained and translated much for me.

The museum was really nice, because not that I even got some new information, but also it displayed a slightly differentiated view onto the Soviet and Russian history of the 20th century. We even discovered that the Soviets have had a similar famous poster than the U. S. of Uncle Sam. As it took longer than expected in the museum, we needed to hurry up. Catch my backup, and heading to the train station. At the plattform we said goodbye to each other.

In the train I shared my table with Vladimir. Even as I already told him in the very beginning, that I have only a very limited knowledge of Russian, he didn’t really stopped speaking throughout the train. During the 5 hours he drunk I guess about one bottle of vodka, but not publicly. He just refilled it in a water bottle and from that to his cup. As it was clear, that I only understand one word in one minute, the other 4 women in the compartment were embarrassed about his behaviour. And even for me it was exhausting and hard to be polite and just have a smile during all that time, because I can really hardly explain myself in Russian.

Now I’m in Chelyabinsk in a hostel and just had a nice conversation with August. He is travelling since one year, only by hitchhiking, at the moment from Vladivostok to Cremea. But afterwards he wants to go on to South Korea mainly at the southern “shore” of Asia. As his English is maybe as good as my Russian the Google translator was our main help.

QUERTY keyboard in the grass
They still using these robust trucks throughout the country
Nikita with his present for me – a lead pencil – and me
But some very high important people are also used to these type of transport
Some old blanket design which was popular during the 1930s
Voter turnout (first column) and voting results in the 1930s…Olya couldn’t believe these numbers…and I tried to explain that during that time, probably the main problem was to stay always below 100%
This is Vladimir my free entertainment for almost the whole train drive…no in this bottle iys really water. But as you can see, the taste was not was good as the stuff from the cup 😉
After we left Yekaterinburg, the landscape turned flat.
Sometimes some factories appeared with smoking chimneys
But also some lakes. But the weather is not yet good enough for swimming inside.
My train ticket

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