City Tour Yekaterinburg

Yesterday I went to a city tour in the afternoon. Therefore I took a marshrutka the first time at my own. But as I knew the number and the exit, it was not a really big deal. In the beginning the weather was still OK, but became worse after and after. So I just followed the red line at this time, and passed by several more or even less interesting buildings. The major attraction was for sure the 52nd floor of the highest building in town, from which I had a nice lookout throughout the city. After a couple of hours strolling around, I met again Nina in town. But we decided just tow went home for some Pelmeni and cup of tea, as it was again really chilly. I guess the day before yesterday it had about 2°C in the late evening.

City Hall of Yekaterinburg
Main pedestrian street with the read line
Old merchant House in the city with one of the many sculptures in front of it. And yes, Russian people like pictures with themselves a lot…especially women
Aerial view to the west with the middle Ural mountains starting behind the city
South-East View with the airport and a starting plane…a little bit further away
Eastern view with some of the many chimneys

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