Perm – Yekaterinburg

Yesterday in the early morning I took the next train to Yekaterinburg, at the border between Europe and Asia. I met my host Nina at the metro station and I could put my backpack in her flat. As she needed to go to work again, I met Olya another CS member. She gave me a tour through the city with almost all major attractions. As it started to rain we headed to a restaurant for some tea in the Grinvich shopping mall and I got some dishes which originates from Uzbekistan (?!?… I’m no longer sure about this). In the evening I met again Nina and we had another walk through the city, as the weather was already OK again. At a pond we looked for the sunset, but as it became very chilly we went on. Before we head to one of her friends we grabbed some (German) beer and (Russian) dishes.

Some large and nice houses at the other side of the river Sylva

Church near Kungur
My seat for the journey. In the long distance trains there are only sleeping couches in the three classes available
I took the well known train 100 in eastbound direction, which drives all the way from Moscow to Vladivostok. That’s the train iterary of the 9300 km journey.
Istorichesky Skver, unfortunately during not so good weather
The old water tower in the background
Old wooden houses which now accommodate museums in the Literary Quarter
Church upon the Blood…at the site where the Romanov family was murdered 100 years ago
My guide Olya at the tour through the city
Lake side view of the highest building in town (now, after demolishing the old and never finished TV tower)
I guess you know this man which originates from Yekaterinburg
My host Nina during the sunset at the lake
The stadium is ready…
…directly opposite to the jail, just that you know 😉
There are not only old buses from Germany driving in Russia, sometimes you even encounter new ones which are fuelled by natural gas…well maybe also an economically and environmentally option for Germany due to the diesel gate…
My online train ticket

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