Rock Climbing Excursion Perm

Yesterday I the morning my clock rang at half past six. I wanted to have some breakfast but I had a really hurting stomach ache. So I got only some tea and eventually also some medicine from Aleksandra. But as this didn’t helped very fast, so I needed to cancel the trip with Anton in the morning. I was really sad to do this, because I was really looking forward to go climbing at this sunny day.

Sasha (which is the short version of Aleksandra) returned at 14 o’clock and as I was OK we started our excursion in the late afternoon. After almost 2 hours drive because of traffic and bad roads, and maybe sometimes both together we arrived at the Ermak rock. Here we met Anton and his friends which were still climbing. I was directly warmly integrated into the group and could start climbing immediately, after Sasha tried it the first time in her life. As it was already late I made only three routes, but it was worth going the way out, because Anton, Ilya, and all super nice persons, and it would have been a pity not to meet them. After climbing we went to a restaurant and Anton told me the story about Ermak and why the rock was named after him.

River Sylva at the western foothills of the Middle Ural mountains
Highway and nice weather
Lovely landscape…but driving is quite “interesting”. In Germany we would call it rude, but here it is just normal.
Bad roads before the final destination. Maybe now it becomes clear why the Russian machines always need to be a little bit stronger and tougher.
Warmly welcome in the local climbing community
Anton in the left, who belayed me
Me in the route “Peace! Labour! May!” rated as 6a+ (UIAA XII- or Saxon Grade XIIIa). I never have lead such a hard route in the rocks (and even in the gym I make it only on a good climbing day), so it was pretty fine for me to go this route on Toprope.
Almost on top 😄

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