Bouldering in the Ostbloc

Yesterday I was the first time bouldering in the Ostbloc. It was very nice, but after two hours also exhausting. Hence, I’m having today a “light” muscle ache 🤔… but in essence it was a lot of fun.

The wrapping doesn’t matter, only content counts. And in the case of the Ostbloc this is really nice.


Yesterday evening I met my cousin in Berlin. While she was waiting at Berlin Alexanderplatz alone for me, she got some minor trouble with two guys. But nothing happened and the police was just nearby. She was the last person of so many persons I said goodbye in the last weeks. Thanks to everyone of you for all these best wishes. We will all see us sooner or later once I’m back.

Never look back
Berlin TV tower in the afternoon
Farewell card from my colleagues. Some of them are now at the Hannover Fair. And it’s a bit melancholy, when I think to last year. Because we had also a lot of fun during these days.
Could become the slogan of my tour