Vilnius – Daugavpils – Riga

Yesterday in the morning I headed to the train station. There is only on Sundays a train connection between Lithuania and Latvia. Typically the train drives from Vilnius up to the border, but on Sundays two trains are extended to Daugavpils. So I got lucky and took one of them. If I would have missed them, I would have to extend my stay in Lithuania by one week. It was also a nice experience, because the train already looked very tough and only 3rd class was available. I guess it was the first time in my life, that I officially travelled in the train by 3rd class. Nevertheless, almost all the time I had a mobile connection with 4G on my mobile phone. That would be unimaginable in Germany, as there is sometimes hardly any connection available.

In Daugavpils I had a common connection time of about 3 hours. This is nothing special in the baltic countries but quite normal. So in the end you need to take your time, when travelling by train. I used this time and made a small walk through the city with my backpack. I took an ice cream and it was necessary that I order that in Russian, as in Daugavpils almost everybody speaks Russian. So it’s a little bit confusing, that you order in Russian but paying Euro.

The train to Riga seemed to be not really more modern than the other one to Daugavpils. Nevertheless, what I have never been imagined even this old train had already free WiFi available. In the train to Riga a young women sit next to me. She was running a half marathon in Daugavpils and was just travelling back to Riga – wow not bad. She thought about coming bouldering with me today, but her legs were just hurting too much.

Driving through Lithuania close to the Belarus border

Approaching Daugavpils
Crossing the river Daugava
Most of the rolling stock in Bialystok was oil which seems to go – or come – to Belarus
Large “Benzin” waggons, which seem to be leased according to the labeling
My 3rd class train from Vilnius
The largest Russian-Orthodox church of Latvia, which can take up to 5,000 people.
Next to it, there is the red Lutherian Church in front and the white Catholic Cathedral directly behind in the background
My two train tickets.

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