Bouldering in Rock On Vilnius

After we had breakfast together, my host left, as she met another friend. Yesterday it was “open house” day and people could visit houses which were normally closed for the public. The two wanted to head to some of this buildings, and in the evening she went to Kaunas. Nevertheless, she allowed me to stay in her flat, as her roommate was still there.

I was heading with a 30min bus drive to the outskirts of Vilnius. After some searching I found the entrance to the Rock On boulder gym. This is a really nice gym where I did some cute moves. It was really a lot of fun. I had a short conversation with one of the guys, and it ended up that he already knew the Mandala – my boulder gym I went to in the last roughly two years. After three times of bouldering in one week, I guess I never had the time to go so often, I’m now done – at least this week 😉

In the evening, I did a short walk to the old city center with all the old buildings. Unfortunately the fortress at the hill was closed due to construction works, so even this 48m of altitude I wasn’t able to do, but at least I got around the hill and discovered also the tile of miracle.

My host Undine and her lovely dog
Entrance to the Rock On boulder gym
Old Gate of the Dawn
Old brickstone House.

Miracle Tile. We will see, if my miracle comes true 😏.
Narrow streets in Old Town of Vilnius

One thought on “Bouldering in Rock On Vilnius

  1. Well, well…..I found out what bouldering is by myself ;( Another suggestion, it might come later during your travel. You added a map last time,would be nice if you can do it this time as well. I know where Vilnius is but I struggled whit the polish cities. Heidelies


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