Warsaw – Bialystok

Yesterday morning I went to the Crux Boulder Gym directly located in downtown of Warsaw. I was happy to make one mid rated move which was rated X4 (out of X7, which seemed to be the hardest one). Otherwise I felt also comfortable to do only some X3 and X2 moves. Yes, in this gym the boulders are rather hard.

After that I took the train to Bialystok. At the train station my host Emilia took my up. After I put my backpack into her flat, where she is living with her two sisters, we went to a city tour of Bialystok. She told me so much things about the Opera, the Stadium, the Churches and the Palace, which was really amazing. We took a classical Polish dinner and then went back to her flat. We talked for hours about different topics and just enjoyed the evening with some drinks. She is such a great hospitable person and takes really care of her guest.

Crux Boulder Gym in Warsaw
Museum next to the train station in Warsaw
One of the Catholic churches in Bialystok. The white Chapel was the original one. And as it was not allowed to built a new church. Hence, the old white Chapel was just extended a little bit by the red building. I like this approach 😊
Palace and garden of Bialystok
Street art in Bialystok. The girl wears a traditional dress in for this region common colours.
Polish Hospitality
Emilia my host and me.
My ticket

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