Berlin – Warsaw

Yesterday I probably enjoyed the last time a DB Lounge with free coffee and WiFi after I booked my ticket to Warsaw. In the evening I met again my hosts Kirill and Mascha. At some tea we sat together and talked about climbing and mountaineering opportunities in Poland and Germany as well as suitable. But also about travelling in general. I was a very nice stay at their premises. Thanks you two for making this possible.

In the morning I headed to Frankfurt (Oder) as I had my last official appointment there. Afterwards I took the train to Warsaw and crossed the border of Germany. In the beginning I was alone in the compartment, but in Poznan it was almost full. A conversation was not possible as all were staring at the smartphones. Wonderful new times. Hence, I just enjoyed the landscape and encountered that bad weather is coming up.

In Warsaw Central I queued up for almost one hour to get my ticket for tomorrow. During that time I helped another tourist who complained that he wanted to exchange a ticket from the Deutsche Bahn at the PKP train station in Warsaw, which is just impossible. And as we in the end talked in German an old drunken guy encountered this and talked to me in German afterwards, as he was working a couple of years ago in Germany he was able to speak a little bit of German.

My two hosts, Mascha and Kirill, and me
A leftover from older times in Frankfurt… So maybe no longer as youth as it is supposed to be

A storm comes up and creates a cloud of dust
The treasure is always at the end of the rainbow. But do you know at which one?
My train tickets

One thought on “Berlin – Warsaw

  1. Hi Oli – werden mit großem Interesse deine Reise hier mitverfolgen und wünschen dir eine spannende Zeit im ‘Osten‘ – bis hoffentlich irgendwann wieder auf einer Tour zum hochkönig oder wo auch immer 😊
    Sei herzlich gegrüßt, Claudia & Peter


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